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Even at a young age Zigga (born Zane Anthony Dennison) showed a keen interest and a remarkable talent for music and music theory. While going to school in Oakland California Zigga was introduced to California’s student musician programs including “Save the Music”. He quickly discovered his talent for music, learning three instruments, basic piano and how to read sheet music.

Impressed with Zigga’s work ethic and natural ability his band conductor gave him 1st chair coronet and French horn in Jazz band by age 9. Zigga considers his musical education as a child one of the most important stages in his musical development. As he grew older he was exposed to more urban and modern types of music and quickly found a love for Hip-Hop music and culture.

Zigga was deeply moved by the struggles he and his people faced in inner city Oakland and finally found a musical genre he felt could relate to his frustration. Zigga looked up to West Coast legends like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Too Short, Mac Dre, Souls of Mischief, Living Legends, Zion I, The Grouch and many others the way his music conductor admired the works of Mozart and Beethoven. Zigga was perhaps inspired even more by the lifestyle and persona of the artists themselves than the music they created; and their lifestyle began to reflect his own. Zigga was keenly aware that the more he dove into the streets the more relevant Hip-Hop music became.

Now a hot headed teenager, Zigga walked the line between musical prodigy and the rapper/gangster stereotype personified on the west coast. Although life in the streets intrigued and inspired Zigga, he kept in touch with his inner self and believed he was destined for something more than a jail cell. Zigga’s early mix tapes reflected his interest in street life and his confrontations with the law.

A musical turning point came in his mid-teens when he was introduced to the more lyrical east coast hip-hop sub genre. Growing up in the midst of the west coast east coast rivalry had created a loathing for the east coast that took years to blow over in Oakland and east coast music had been in the dark to the young teen.

Once familiarized, Zigga marveled at east coast word play and began incorporation lyricism into his own street style. Although the subject matter remained the same, the delivery of his message changed from this point forward; a truly versatile MC was born. Inspired by the lyrical works of Nas, Big L, Big Pun, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Rakim, DMX, Styles P, Jadakiss, Wu-Tang Klan and the production of Dj Premier and Ninth Wonder Zigga incorporated more organization and a wider array of production into his mix-tapes. This genre binding style turned out to be exactly what the young MC needed to sharpen his talents and inspire him to turn over his life of crime into a life of music.

During the next three years Zigga wrote 26 complete mix-tapes despite the legal issues and drug addiction that plagued his teen years. Zigga gained a reputation among his peers and superiors alike of being a dangerous wordsmith and battle tactician with skills far beyond his age.

Now 18, Zigga decided the next step in his musical transformation was to get his music out to the public and have hone his production skills. He skipped the over priced local producers, viewing them as money hungry middle men, and bought his own software and microphone. Although it was low budget, his determination and musical knowledge created an impressive sound and his first mix-tape “And This Is Just a Mixtape” was completed.

However, legal problems still haunted the young MC and releasing the mix-tape proved too expensive for the still independent rapper to afford. In 2010 at the age of 19 Zigga became convinced he could no longer go at it alone and began spreading his music for free around the local music scene in hopes of finding a producer who could recognize his enormous potential and help him reach his goals.

He met two such producers late that same year when his music was discovered through a mutual friend by a young motivated production team called Elm Productions. Zigga’s music and their motivation were just what they were both looking for and they made a verbal agreement to endorse and support each other as they both rose in status among the local music industry.

Now with more hands, hearts and income on his side Zigga and Elm Productions seem poised to take over locally and have the crossover appeal to bring that music to huge #’s of crowds. Their fans and friends, who call themselves “The BIZ Family” are some of the most layal in the game. Zigga has a lot of work cut out for him in 2011 so be on the lookout for numerous projects coming from this artist and production team in the future.

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