Can This Be a Sanctuary?

Amanda Palmer has written another blog post that seems to have opened a channel directly to people’s hearts. The responses are beautiful and amazing.

The topic: home. (or lack of it)

A little sub-conversation in the comments has me thinking.

RiverVox: I feel at home when I walk into a library. Surrounded by books, my heart rate lowers, my breathing slows and I relax. Safe where I belong.

BL: i get the same feeling from art museums. they are like churches to me, in a weird way. i like to travel, but then i find myself going to art museums in whichever city in the world i might be, and i immediately feel the silence, the concentration, the history and the strength and pain of the artwork and the people respectfully experiencing…and inspiration flows into my body…screaming: home.

RiverVox: Yes! Art museums are another sanctuary.

I’m struck by the language, “like churches…silence…strength…sanctuary.”

Some of you may know that I’m a minister in RL. So these words mean something to me. And they name a longing I have…a longing that people would feel *that* when they enter our space. We don’t meet in a cathedral, but in a converted restaurant. Still, I want *that.* I want people to feel safe and inspired and *home.*

And I want it here too. Even though I think of cabarets as noisy and wild, with lots going on all at once. And sometimes they are. But I also want the space that holds all that energy to BE a kind of home. I want it to offer peace, acceptance, safety, love.

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