Jim Scott

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For more than three decades, Jim Scott has made it his business to create and perform music that celebrates peace, justice and the earth.  From his work with the Paul Winter Consort where he co-wrote the celebrated Missa Gaia–Earth Mass and many other pieces, Jim has gone on to create an extensive body of work, recording 7 albums of original music, and creating “The Earth and Spirit Songbook,” an anthology of 110 songs of earth and peace by many contemporary songwriters plus some of his own.

Years of activism are reflected in Jim’s work.  His songs, poetry and short stories address issues of ecology, justice and peace with insight and gentle wit.  For all his varied professional background, it is Jim’s lyrical songs that remain his greatest offering.   He transforms any size audience into an intimate gathering with a guitar skill and disarming presence that inspires and educates.

From songs and choral music to soundtracks for documentaries and the PBS series Body and Soul, Jim has made music with a depth of artistry and craft that separates his art from that of many other singer songwriters.  His musical “The Tree and Me” has been given full cast productions in Jamestown, NY and Albion, MI.  A whole line of Jim’s choral compositions and his book of guitar technique “All Scales in All Positions” are published by Hal Leonard Corp.

Jim helped to create the “Green Sanctuary” program and accompanying handbook for building an ecological/spiritual awareness in church congregations. He performs many benefit concerts and often appears at events, supporting environmental and peace causes with his music