Lindsay Katt

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Lindsay Katt has heard the music in her head since she was a child …

…Fortunately for her, (and the rest of us) the voices in her head did not instruct her to sharpen her scythe in readiness for Armageddon, but instead, prompted her to share her music with the world through performance and song.

It started as a child, in the echoes of the mountains surrounding her childhood Montana home, and has followed her to the sirens and grit of New York City. Her songs are her journey and her experience. She invites her audience into her world with a sincerity and an honesty that is rarely heard in today’s music scene.

She has received acclaim both from her deeply devoted fans, as well as the commercial world of pop, for her compelling lyrical content and off color musicality. She has been featured on MTV’s “The Real World,” “Teen Mom,” and ABC’s “Castle” with music videos on LOGO and films like “Sneakers & Soul.”

In a place where unusual things are found beautiful and people are brave enough to tell one another the truth, Lindsay Katt can and will always be found, pointing out the not so obvious and weaving her stories and ideas through song.

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