Why Art?

The first commitment of Cabaret Church is art—in all forms and without rules:

  • Art for art’s sake
  • Art for heart’s sake
  • Art for soul’s sake
  • Art for the world’s sake
  • Art for life’s sake

Cabaret Church is not just a community of artists. It’s a community convinced that all people are artists. We are born creators—singing and drawing and moving and making and imagining and expressing ourselves at every turn.  But all too soon we start to hear the messages of the marketplace that our creations are not good enough and we are not good enough and what we really need is something—some hard, shiny, plastic thing—that someone else has made for us. And when that thing breaks and we are sad, we must simply buy another.

All people are artists.

In this world we are constantly being convinced, connived, and coerced to believe that a person’s most important role is that of consumer. The ubiquitous message advertised by the powerful is a message need and greed. You need this to be happy. You must have this to be good enough. You must buy more to be the envy of your neighbors. Constantly told we are incomplete, uncool, hungry, thirsty, unfulfilled, broken, not good enough, we start to believe that the only way to fix ourselves is with a product, a process, a pill.

We don’t see people as consumers, but as creators.

The message of need and scarcity, with all its external solutions to manufactured problems, is the antithesis of Cabaret Church. We don’t see people as consumers, but as creators. We don’t think of people need to acquire more stuff. We think people need to make more art.

What is art? Art is anything that expresses something you think or feel or know or worry or wonder about. It is something you—and only you—can make for yourself.  It can be useful or esoteric, small or large, lasting or fleeting. It can be beautiful or ugly. It can be transcendent or entirely concerned with exposing what is real right now. It can take months and years to create or it can be a sudden, explosive, uninhibited expression of now.

Cabaret Church is about art because art—in all its forms and with no rules—reunites people with their creative power.

Art reveals that the shame and emptiness we’ve been taught to believe are nothing more than lies. Just behind the curtain is a colorful, scary, joyous, excruciating world and we human beings are designed to respond to that world by creating worlds of our own.  We are artists, creators, makers, dreamers, and when we come together, we are Cabaret Church.

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